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How to convert M4B to MP3

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The M4B format is usually used for audiobook and podcast files. The main advantage of M4B is that, unlike MP3 or other commonly used audio formats, you can bookmark an audio track at any point and resume later where you left off.

Another advantage of the M4B format is chapter support. With this, a single M4B file can be segmented into smaller parts, which can be used just like chapters in a book (it’s used in audiobook files from iTunes, for example). That’s why people sometimes convert MP3 to M4B.

This aspect of M4B files is very useful, but the format is not as widely used as MP3, for example, which means that these files often can’t be played. Change the file format using an M4B-to-MP3 converter and enjoy your audio tracks on a Windows PC, Mac, iPod, iPhone, Android, and other devices!

In this short article, we’ll tell you how to convert M4B to MP3 and compare these file formats.

How to use the M4B to MP3 converter

Although converting M4B to MP3 is not a complicated task, you do need fast conversion software to do the job efficiently in a short period of time. Download Movavi Video Converter and transfer your audio collection to the more standard MP3 format.

Step 1. Install the software on your computer

First, download Movavi’s audiobook converter. When the file is downloaded, run the installation program and follow the instructions.

Step 2. Add your M4B audio for conversion

Now add your audio files. Click the Add Media button in the top left corner and then Add audio. Choose one or multiple files you want to turn into MP3 or M4B. Our application supports batch processing, so you can convert as many files as you need at the same time.

How to upload files to the M4B-to-MP3 converter from Movavi

Step 3. Choose your output preset

Open the Audio tab. In the MP3 group, choose the preset that suits you best, depending on the bitrate value that works for you. A higher bitrate means higher quality and, as a result, a larger file size.

How to select the output preset to convert M4B to MP3

Step 4. Convert M4B to MP3

Check the Save to section and change the output folder if you want to save your files in a location other than the default Movavi Library folder. Click the Folder icon and specify the desired folder. Then, click Convert to start converting your audiobook to MP3. Once the conversion is done, the destination folder will open automatically.

How to change the file format with the M4B converter

M4B vs MP3 – What is the difference?

When you compare M4B with MP3, it’s hard to state definitively which one is better. Both formats are great and useful, depending on the area of application. Take a look at the table below to understand the differences between M4B and MP3 file formats.

Comparison parameter



File extension



Number of channels

Up to 48

Up to 2

Sample rate in kHz



Bitrate in kbps




iTunes Store, audiobook files

PC, mobile devices, online radio, CD, DVD

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