Genuine Movavi Users’ Stories

Your feedback and reviews are very important! When we work on our programs for multimedia editing, we try to make them truly useful. Our users share their success stories and tell us how Movavi programs have helped them to achieve their professional goals and discover new hobbies along the way.

Movavi Helps Me to:


  • I already make and edit music, so I thought hey, wouldn’t it be great to be able to put my music over videos. I’m also interested in Mars anomalies, so screen-grabbing myself exploring GigaPan with my music playing over it was awesome fun!

    Jake Smith

  • I’ve always been shy but dreamed to break free from my comfort zone and show off my talent and love for singing. About 3 years ago, after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl I decided I was going to take the initiative to finally make my dreams come true. I started creating YouTube videos and absolutely loved it. I, of course, wasn’t too comfortable in the camera to start but 3 years into being into the YouTube scene I’ve grown so much and I can’t be more proud of myself. I’ve experimented with multiple editors, and none seem to meet my needs as well as Movavi has. I am very proud I took the steps to get where I am today and I wouldn’t have achieved any of it without my amazing video editor!


Do What I Love

  • My name is Eugene Sanderson. I'm a motorcyclist and motorcycle rider coach for MSF. I record all my rides through a gopro and have tons of footage. I wanted an easy program to weed out good vids and bad, I found movavi and after 10 minutes of use I felt like an editing pro. I've never edited video before on this scale but I couldn’t be happier with the results, my wife is also a motorcyclist and helped create Women Riders World Relay largest motorcycle relay and largest women relay ever, i hand made the baton for them that traveled the world and created a short video of it with movavi, i also made a couple videos of the relay itself with me blocking for them, it would be awesome if you could share some of my videos. I'm editing more tonight.

    Eugene Sanderson

  • I spent the past few years watching people just like me creating content which made people happy. I've seen people develop as creators, musicians, artists and more! All through the use of video editing. The very same people, people I know, people like us - went on to be successful, find job satisfaction and even help to change the lives of others through doing something they loved. This inspired me to become a creator myself.


  • I am professional and started making video simply from my smartphones. Sometimes it was difficult to edit during retakes. Tried many softwares but not satisfied because being person from the non technical background I was looking something easy and fast. My search ends and when I purchased and started using Movavi.

    And believe me Movavi has given me confidence to start my own YouTube channel, I am getting positive feedback from my viewers. My suggestion is to add more ready background effects in the application.


Improve My Video Editing Skills

  • I'm a technology person. I really love technology. I did computer project management and I liked hardware, software, and programming in the past. Video's just a brilliant treat. In the last year, I knew nothing about video and video editing. Now I know a lot! My wife's got 2 YT channels, and my new one will be about technology news.

    Tim Yonce

  • I started out as a copywriter and as my career progressed, so did the requests of my clients. One of the skills I had to learn quickly was how to make videos! Movavi is THE BEST!

    Rick Fuller

Optimize My Business Processes

  • I create low-cost business marketing videos for people wishing to build their brand online. I love video. In marketing, video is very important. I didn't want to pay people to do it. I wanted to do it myself and I enjoy it. Now to be creative is available, and as I said video is definitely the future.

    Tim Coe

  • I am a HR Consultant who has started video editing to publish a Forum

    Judith Grant

  • I am a writer and author of more books in Telugu Language in India.I am also a youtuber. I was in search of a good video editor. I found Movavi Video Editor as a perfect one. I purchased it for my lifetime and daily using it with full satisfaction.


  • I have an old program from the beginning of 2000 in my lab, which needed cad files to be converted into bmp, for this was the only type the old program could handle construction files. Therefore during the years I collected this big amount of bmp-files. After buying your program I started with a backup copy to convert bmp to jpg. I noticed, that I had to split the files into bundles of - lets say - 50, for my cpu on the client pc was only i5 7th gen. Would be fine to convert all those thausends of files in bigger bunches, but I think it is a question of cpu-capacity.


  • I am volunteering editing services for my yoga organization. They are forming teams of volunteers to publish information about the organization on social-media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). I am a retired writer and editor. I found myself in the unenviable position of having to teach people with no professional experience in editing how to edit Twitter posts and the closed captions of Facebook videos. I was beside myself. How to accomplish such a huge thing in a short time? Somehow, I had the inspiration to video-record myself editing closed captions. That is, I recorded my screen while keeping a running commentary (audio) of why I was doing things that way. At first I thought it would be too difficult. But after the first one, I realized that I was enjoying myself more than when I had tried to convey such teaching in written comments. So I decided to continue making screen recordings and sharing them with the volunteers. The recordings are the only thing that made our team of nascent editors possible. Without Movavi, I would never have been able to put together a team. The task was just too huge. But being able to demonstrate how to do it over and over in the 15 recordings I made did the trick.

    Susan Purcell

Get Started With YouTube

  • My wife bought me a DJI Mavic mini as my birthday gift. That’s why I started video editing (again!). I am really into it as I did video editing a lot when I was in university for projects, marketing contests, and school campaigns. It’s really amazing for me to get this hobby back and I finally started my YouTube channel to share my drone videos! movavi is indeed the best video editing software I have ever used!

    Genki Chris