Of the more than 100,000 multimedia software companies out there, how do you choose the one to buy from? Here you’ll find our arguments for why you should choose Movavi over all the other software producers on the internet.

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Our mission is to ensure that working with multimedia files is easy for everyone. That’s why we focus on usability when we design our software. A clear interface, compatibility with major operating systems and devices, and fast processing are what we’re aiming for. The payback? Our loyal users and the awards given to our programs.

Movavi Video Converter

Ultimately, Movavi Video Converter is an ‘omnivorous’ video file conversion application that has resolved the file incompatibility issues of 97% of users that have purchased the software.

Movavi Video Editor

The ultimate tool to unleash your creativity and make your movie director debut

Movavi Video Suite

Use Movavi Video Suite if you are looking for a simple and easy to use program that still has its fair share of interesting features.

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Millions of happy users

We have over three million users in more than 200 countries all over the globe. We’re constantly researching the latest industry trends, evaluating the demand for new features in our programs and improvement of existing features. With regular releases, we upgrade our software to meet your needs and desires.

Movavi Video Editor is an intuitive yet powerful video editing software for both Windows and Mac users. It's a great choice if you aren't just starting out your YouTube journey or you love making vlogs or you just want to add some video content into some other work. Even if you've never edited a single video before you can learn Movavi Video Editor in no time. But as simple as its interface is Movavi Video Editor is a powerful editing software that allows you to quickly edit videos of any quality including 4K and full HD even if you have an older much slower computer.

Annie Dubé

Movavi video editor 15 Plus includes all the different tools that you need but it has the learning curve to the point where even a kid could probably get this down within 15 to 20 minutes. As a bunch of effects there's a variety of extra packs that you can go and get. It has professional things like chroma keying and video stabilization and even beat detection. It works with 4K content pretty well.

Smart Tech

I like the product and feel comfortable endorsing it. Movavi Video Editor 2020 is a fantastic editor that combines an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with plenty of features to keep advanced users happy. I've used a lot of video editors and Movavi ranks among the best. It strikes the perfect balance between user-friendliness without compromising its powerful controls.

Video Editing in a Minute

No matter what your goal is when it comes to creating an art project, when it comes to translating something into video format, Movavi has you covered.


User support

With over 30 employees in our technical support department, we can respond to users in 11 languages. Each user receives personalized treatment, and we do our best to understand your needs and help you. Our users are really appreciative!

Thank you very much for the help and prompt answer.
After this kind and quick respond – I’ll definitely check out Movavi’s software assuming it’s as good as the support service. :)

In what seems to be a world of worsening and worsening service standards your response to my question is eminently impressive!
Thanks so much I really appreciate it!

wow!!! Thank you so much! Movavi is a great program, but the people behind it are even better!
God bless you guys.

In 20 years in dealing with tons of companies, I NEVER EVER HAD AS PROMPT AND FANTASTIC SERVICE AS WITH YOU GUYS. YOU are the very very best of everybody.
Thanks fellows and a thousand million more thanks for an unbelievable service. Nobody but nobody can beat you on Service and your product is also quite good . . . and faster than anyone else.

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